Register to New Trends In Project Management 2016


The conference is the biggest project of Project Management Institute (PMI) in Gdańsk. This international event is organized for the fifth time. The main idea is to exchange knowledge and good practices in the area of project management in Poland and abroad.

During 2-days’ workshop and lectures, we will discuss the most interesting issues relating to the topic of project management in industries including IT, automotive industry, energy and many others. In addition to technical knowledge, practical knowledge that you gain may become an asset in addition to interesting contacts through participation in workshops and networking forms: NTPM Short Presentations, Speed Mentoring and Word Cafe.
In today’s world, companies often face the problems associated with the formation of large projects that are managed with limited resources, short lead times and uncertain conditions. To minimize the risks in teams, project managers are constantly looking for new trends in project management.

Therefore, we invite you to participate in the conference and build with us NTPM brand.